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Jazz and Lyrical

Jazz is offered to students from 11+ incorporating different styles such as technical Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary. 

Jazz is also offered to students from 5 years in our ISTD Syllabus Modern Theatre Dance classes. 

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Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary

This class encompasses different Jazz styles from Musical Theatre, Technical Jazz to Lyrical and Contemporary. This class is perfect for students from the age of 12, who want to explore movement and creativity while learning dance technique, proper alignment, use of breath and weight and performance quality. .

Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary will start with a warm up, floor work, travelling steps from the corner and across the floor and end with short dance sequences. 

What to wear

Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary 

  • ​​Any Leotard – Girls.

  • Fitted t-shirt or vest – Boys

  • Black leggings or Dance Tights

  • Bare feet or Footundeez/Foot Thong

  • Hair must be tied neatly back off of the face and no dangly jewellery.

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