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An essential class for any student wishing to pursue a rounded career in dance. These classes are lively and lots of fun! They follow the ISTD Modern Theatre Syllabus where children learn core dance skills which are developed and built upon as they progress through the grades. The lessons are based around a structured syllabus which involves learning set exercises as well as free dances, providing the children with the opportunity to take exams. Styles range from fast and funky to lyrical and Musical Theatre for a well rounded dance education. 

This style of dance is one of the three core Theatre Dance subjects, (Ballet, Tap & Modern) and often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses traveling steps, high kicks, leaps, and turns which all need strength and flexibility.

Children's Modern Theatre Jazz is taught following the syllabus of the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing), one of the world’s leading dance examination boards.


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Students from 7 years can learn Modern. At this age Modern is combined with Tap Dance in our Junior class. From here, children can progress to individual classes and follow the grade system. The Grades (from Primary) have been devised to provide a worthwhile sense of achievement for children and young people who dance for recreation and for children hoping to pursue a career in dance.

Children wishing to take Grade exams must attend at least two classes a week in the term before their exam


Dance classes are unlike schools, students do not move up a grade once a year, but when they have achieved the knowledge, safe understanding and developed the necessary skills and performance quality. 


Age ranges are always just guidelines for dance classes. Students will be placed in the perfect class for them to reach their full potential after their class trial. 

Although children are offered the opportunity to take exams, there is no pressure and students can just dance for the love of it!


Having dance uniforms encourages students to develop a sense of pride and belonging. It also ensures all children are equal and allows the teacher to clearly see how the body is working in order to safely teach and guide the dancer.


Children are expected to have proper uniform if they are to be entered for ISTD examinations. Students are not expected to come in the correct uniform right away but must be in the correct uniform by their second term.

Adults are not expected to wear a particular uniform, wear what you feel comfortable in but make sure it’s not restrictive.

Please visit Damsell Dancewear for all uniform, dancewear and accessories. Damsell is a friendly, family run business located on Farsley Town Street and will give professional help and advice.

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