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Acrobatic dance is the combination of classical dance technique with acrobatic elements. Acrobatic dance technique includes, balancing, tumbling, flexibility, strength and basic contortion, all blending seamlessly into dance. Acro dancers must integrate acrobatic elements alongside musicality, control and expression. Acro Dance is mostly beneficial if students take another form of dance alongside it but can still be enjoyed as a stand-alone class. 


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Students from 8 years can learn Acro Dance.

Students are split by age and ability. 


Age ranges are always just guidelines for dance classes. Students will be placed in the perfect class for them to reach their full potential after their class trial. 


Having dance uniforms encourages students to develop a sense of pride and belonging. It also ensures all children are equal and allows the teacher to clearly see how the body is working in order to safely teach and guide the dancer.


Children are expected to have proper uniform if they are to be entered for ISTD examinations. Students are not expected to come in the correct uniform right away but must be in the correct uniform by their second term.

Adults are not expected to wear a particular uniform, wear what you feel comfortable in but make sure it’s not restrictive.

Please visit Damsell Dancewear for all uniform, dancewear and accessories. Damsell is a friendly, family run business located on Farsley Town Street and will give professional help and advice.

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