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Terms and Conditions

1) The Parent/Carer agrees that the information provided on the registration form is accurate and up to date at the time of completion. It is the parent responsibility to inform Deborah Hoskins Dance of any changes to contact details or address.

2) It is the Parent/Carer’s responsibility to inform Deborah Hoskins Dance of any medical conditions at the point of registration. This includes behavioural disorders. For serious medical conditions, a Medical Condition form should be completed along with the registration form giving detailed information of the condition. (Please contact Deborah Hoskins Dance for more information)

3) Parents/Carers accept and understand that appropriate physical contact may be necessary within the dance class to assist with posture or movements This includes physical contact between students ie. holding hands. Any person teaching for Deborah Hoskins Dance will be in receipt of a valid Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS/CRB) check.

4) Parents/Carers should understand the nature of physical activity involved in Dance activities and certify that their child is medically fit to participate in these classes.

5) The Parent/Carer agrees and accepts responsibility and care for the student while they are not in class. Students should not enter the studio until it is time for their class to begin.

6) Parents/Carers are not permitted to sit in on any class or private lesson except for the last lesson of each term when parents are invited to Watching Day. Parents may watch from the seated area if a child is trialling for the first time in order to give comfort and see how the class runs.

7) Deborah Hoskins Dance reserves the right to exclude any student, Parent or Carer if the safety or welfare of other students, customers or staff is threatened due to inappropriate, aggressive or disruptive behaviour.

8) Students are required to attend class wearing the correct uniform as of Uniform info. This includes hair.

9) Ballet students (from Primary Grade and above) will work towards ISTD exams if they so wish.  Students will only be entered when they have reached the required standard decided by the teacher.  Students taking Grade exams will be required to attend compulsory extra coaching classes before the exam takes place.  Parents will be notified at the appropriate time. Students wishing to take exams in Grades 4 and above and pointe work, must attend two ballet technique classes weekly.  Deborah Hoskins Dance has the right to withdraw any pupil from an examination at any stage.

10) All students must be adequately toilet trained if participating in any class or workshop. If young students require help using the toilet, a parent/carer must remain in the seated area next to the studio to help their child. 

11) Fees are payable half termly in advance and no later than the second class of each new half term. Workshop fees must be settled on booking or by the first day of the workshop.

12) It is presumed that students will continue in classes and will be enrolled on an ongoing basis from term to term unless the parent informs Deborah Hoskins Dance otherwise. Parents are asked to give notice promptly so that the space can be opened up to students on the waiting list.

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